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Competitive Ballroom Dance (PRO/AM)

Pro/Am competition

You love Ballroom Dancing, but you don’t feel challenged enough? Practicing in the dance studio is not enough for you, you want to perform in front of others or even compete against other dancers? You want to feel the thrill and the luxury atmosphere of a Ballroom Dance competition?

Dance competition
teacher student competition

In that case Pro/Am (Professional/Amateur) is definitely the right choice for you!

Your dance partner will be your dance instructor - a Professional Ballroom Dancer!

Your dance instructor will create personalized dance routines for you and practice them with you during your lessons. And how can you improve your dance skills faster than by dancing with an experienced Professional Ballroom Dancer? You will travel the world, wear beautiful dance costumes and enjoy the sensation of real dance competitions like thousands of students all over the world. Nowadays there are competitions almost every week all over the US, Europe and even Asia!

Join the Pro/Am division and become a member of the beautiful Ballroom Dance World!

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